Sunday, 17 August 2014

Learning to see in the dark

Just back from a wonderful all night photoshoot in London with Doug Chinnery, ably assisted by Terry Gibbins, who also drove us between locations in his black cab.  It was surprisingly easy to stay awake and the time flew by.  The programme even included burger and chips at 3am!  All in all a great experience.

Besides the opportunity to visit so many locations in a short time, the best thing was learning to see and photograph scenes which appeared to the naked eye to have almost no light and no possibilities.  I came back with lots of images and there is much processing to be done when time allows but here are two unadjusted jpegs as examples of what we achieved.  Both taken in almost complete darkness with exposures of around 2-4 minutes.  Canon 6D with Canon EF 24-70 1:4 IS USM at 24mm and f11.  More will follow.

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